A caring and professional staff creating a family atmosphere: This is RIS.



Mrs. Christy Lindsay (Head of Primary) - hop@riointernationalschool.com

Christy Lindsay has been a part of RIS for 10 years. She was born in Prescott, Arizona, USA. Over her 10 years at RIS she has worked in many functions. She attends Bellevue University where she studied Psychology and is currently working towards her Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology. Her favorite foods are sushi, picanha and Bob's paçoca milkshakes. She enjoys working at RIS because of the diversity of both staff and students and that her daughters consider RIS their home. 

Mrs. Amy Christenson Loureiro (Head of Secondary) - hos@riointernationalschool.com

Mrs. Amy Christenson Loureiro has been an educator for over fifteen years. She attended both North Park University (Undergraduate) and Loyola University Chicago (Graduate) where she studied English Literature, Education, and Educational Leadership. Mrs. Loureiro has been working at Rio International School since March of 2008. She loves the school and hopes to continue making a positive impact as Head of Secondary. 

Mrs. Daniele Batista (Brazilian Director) - dbatista@riointernationalschool.com

Mrs. Danielle Batista has been a teacher for 24 years and taught Portuguese and Portuguese as a Second Language at RIS for 14 years. She majored arts and has a post-graduation in School Administration and Supervision. Soon she will start her specialization in Special and Inclusive Education.

Mr. Filipe Orlando (Assistant Director) - forlando@riointernationalschool.com

Mr. Filipe Orlando has been working in education for 11 years. He speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish and received his education from Brighton University in the United Kingdom. At the age of 12 Mr. Orlando began attending trips with CISV and became a leader at the age of 18. and has continued working with them. He enjoys traveling and has been to the UK, USA, West and East Europe, Colombia and Honduras.  



Mrs. Michelle Ferretti (Admissions) - admissions@riointernationalschool.com

Mrs. Michelle Ferretti, originally from Rio de Janeiro, has helped RIS for several years in different areas but now is happy to be a part of the RIS office. Michelle loves her church, Igreja Mananciais. Her favorite part of her job at RIS is just being at the school amongst the people, the atmosphere and the presence of God. Michelle and her family lived in the United States for 10 years and in her free time, she’s either at the church or playing tennis.

Mrs. Adriana Wheeler (Office Manager) - awheeler@riointernationalschool.com

Mrs. Wheeler is a “carioca” who likes cloudy days. She’s 40 years old and love being with friends. She came to know RIS in 2017 when enrolled her daughter at the school and, since then, RIS became one of her favorite places. She was the communication director of our PTA and worked hard on school events. With the opening of our secondary campus, Mrs. Wheeler became part of the RIS team and today she takes care of our office.

Ms. Sofia Duarte (Registrar/S.E.E.) - sduarte@riointernationalschool.com

Ms. Sofia Duarte was born in Rio de Janeiro and is an avid Fluminese fan. She has worked at RIS for 9 years as the Brazilian Secretary. Sofia also works at Escola Padre Butinha. She has two birds named Cafu and Conca. 

Mr. Fellipe Vidal (Media Manager) - media@riointernationalschool.com

Mr. Vidal is passionate about music, arts, photography and he immediately fell in love with the school’s philosophy. He is married with the most amazing woman (his own words) and they have an awesome dog called Nino that they rescued from the street.

Mrs. Edia Caetano (Admissions) - ecaetano@riointernationalschool.com

Edia Caetano has been a part of the RIS family for 9 years. Originally from Mato Grosso do Sul, she has lived and worked in Florida prior to coming to work at RIS. She chose to work at RIS because of the good environment. In her free time, Edia likes to go to the beach and exercise.

Mr. Rafael Ferretti (Executive Assistant) - rferretti@riointernationalschool.com

Mr. Ferretti has officially began working at RIS in August of 2018, after graduating at the class of 2015 he's studied at the school ever since 8th grade, in total he has been involved with the school for 6 years. As a student he was always at front with the worship team of the school, even delivering the message in some chapels. Today at the school that part of spirituality and Christianity is what drives him the most, he is very passionate to see the students grow out in their spiritual and personal life. His job is at the reception, but his heart is with the students and the many lives that pass by the front desk.



Mrs. Diana Miller (Nutritionist) - dmiller@riointernationalschool.com

Diana Miller has been in the RIS family for over 6 years. Originally from Belem, Fernando de Noronha is the coolest place she’s been. Her favorite part of her job is everything, and she loves everything she does. In her free time she likes to be with her daughters, and RIS needed a nutritionist, and so she chose to work at RIS. She has also worked for a Brazilian airline.

Mrs. Ana Paula dos Santos (Kitchen Assistant)

Ana Paula dos Santos has been in the RIS family for 6 years, and her favorite part of her job is seeing the smiles of the students. Originally from Rio, Minas Gerais is the coolest place she has ever been, and macarronada is her favorite food. In her free time she likes to go to church, be with her children, and go on trips. God invited her to come work at RIS, and so she obeyed.

Mrs. Márcia Oliveira de Lima (Kitchen Assistant)

Marcia Oliveira has been part of the RIS family for over 6 years, and her favorite part of her job is when there’s a party and everyone is together. Her favorite food is beef stroganoff with fruit. There was an opening to work at RIS, and she accepted it, and RIS has been the best place she has ever worked. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her children.

Mr. Cristiano de Jesus (Chef)

Cristiano de Jesus has been in the RIS family for 7 years, and his favorite part of his job is when he is cooking. Originally from Rio, his favorite place to go during his free time is the beach and the coolest place he has been is Angra dos Reis. Before becoming part of RIS, he has worked at other cafeterias.



Mr. Evaldo Silva (Maintenance)

Mr. Silva have been part of our team for 1 year and 3 months. What he likes most about his job is the opportunity to help others daily. His favorite food is chicken and in his free time he likes to have quality time with his family.

Mr. Jorge Antônio (Maintenance)

Jorge Antonio has been in the RIS family for 4 years, and his favorite part of his job is everything. Shrimp stroganoff is his favorite food, and Mangaratiba is the coolest place he has been. Working here was a promise of God, and he likes to rest and travel with his family during his free time.

Mrs. Luisa Leite (Cleaning)

Luisa Leite has been in the RIS for 10 years, and her favorite part of her job is being with the children. Being able to work with children is the reason she chose to work at RIS. In her free time she likes to spend time with God. Ceará is the coolest place she has been.

Mrs.Sandra dos Santos (Cleaning)

Mrs. Sandra dos Santos is part of the RIS family for 2 years now. Her favorite part of her day here is lunch time, when she gets to eat Mr. Cristiano de Jesus’ food. Her favorite food is beef stroganoff and she loves to go to the beach whenever she has some free time.

Ms. Sabrina dos Santos (Cleaning)

Ms. Sabrina dos Santos have been working with us for 6 months. Her favorite part of her job is the lovely work environment provided by RIS. Her favorite food is lasagna and when she’s not working, she likes to go out with friends and hit the movies.